Buddha Om Snake Chain Necklace

This high-quality and stylish chain necklace has the "om" symbol displayed largely and prominently in the middle of the pendant with the face of Buddha. The "om" symbold is significant in Buddhism and Hinduism and is considered the most sacred mantra there is.

"Om" takes on a variety of meanings, and some have described it as the "all-encompassing vibration of the universe". The symbol itself represents four different states of being. These are the dream state, the waking state, the unconscious state, and the absolute state. Wear this snake chain necklace to remind yourself to stay connected the Earth and to embrace peace in your life. Everyone around you will catch on to your energy.

  • Made by moms in New Jersey
  • Crafted in Surgical Steel and Shatterproof Glass
  • Comes with Gift Box
  • Necklaces adjustable 18"-22"
  • Pendant Measures 23.5mm diameter.