The Zen Vibes Ethos

ZenVibes was created with a mission - to help people bring the peace and calm of Zen Buddhism into their homes and daily lives.

Zen is something we both are and do. It is our true nature expressing itself moment by moment, using a disciplined practice to realize the joy of being. With the many distractions and intrusions of life today, it can be difficult to quiet our minds and stay peaceful in the present moment.

Having undertaken our own journey back towards presence and simplicity, we’re passionate about sharing it’s transformative power with others. An important part of our journey has been creating a physical environment that reflects and supports our energetic intentions.

The design of our living spaces is an important tool to help nurture and inspire us, reminding us how we choose to be. We all deserve a sanctuary that soothes our senses and mind, restoring and protecting our energy. A space where we find it easy to be calm and relaxed. This helps us feel and do our best, so we can enjoy the world around us.

That’s why we’ve lovingly curated a catalogue of Eastern treasures and zen decor to help connect you back to the present moment. Using scent, sound, materials from nature and artistic symbology, they’re beautiful self-care items to help you feel tranquil in your home and work spaces.

Turn your living room or bedroom into a self-care temple with incense burners and candles that set the mood with relaxing sensual cues. Captivate your sense of smell, or gaze at a flickering candle for a few moments, to become effortlessly relaxed and present.

Or why not bring nature to your work space with a tabletop fountain or miniature Japanese zen garden? They create calmness with the gentle sound of water bubbling over rocks, and help you stay present through the satisfying simplicity of raking a sand garden.

Discover our range of stylish canvases that are not only beautiful, but provide a visual reminder of the principles of zen in the form of nature and the art of ancient Eastern calligraphy.

And more. We’ll continue to curate our treasure trove of home-decor gems as we find them.

Sending you love and light.

“We cannot expect any ecstasy greater than right here, right now—our everyday lives.”
Kosho Uchiyama Roshi