Be a Voice Luxury SS Charm Bracelet

"Be a voice not an echo" - These inspirational words advise you to find your own truth, speak out and follow the path you were meant to. An echo does not have the clarity, volume, or impact as the original voice so you must stand up and be the voice. Look within and achieve personal clarity, volume, and impact- on your own path instead of someone else's. Bright and bold, this colorful message urges you to have the courage to stand firmly behind what you know to be true. Your path is uniquely yours, meant for you alone. Celebrate your uniqueness with a visible representation of your individuality, inner strength, and courage on this amazing stainless steel charm bracelet.

  • Incredible Charm Bracelet
  • Made by moms In The U.S.A. of Stainless Steel and Shatterproof Glass. 
  • Comes in two bracelet sizes 18cm (s/m) and 20cm (M/L).
  • Includes gift box.
  • Charm measures 18mm x 18mm x 10mm. Bracelet is 3mm wide.