I Expect Miracles T-Shirt

In today's society, we're taught to be logical, grounded, and realistic above else. Too much daydreaming or wondering about the "big questions" might have people labeling you a "dreamer," "wishy-washy," "childish," or "unrealistic." If you can't scientifically prove it, it doesn't exist. Right?

But no matter what society tells us, everyone on this planet--from young children to college professors--feels the sense that there's something bigger than us. It might not be something you can test in a lab, but you can pick up on it intuitively, like an antenna picking up a radio signal. We all hope for miracles--and sometimes even the most logical people are faced with phenomena they can't explain.

This "I Expect Miracles" t-shirt celebrates our ability to view our world logically while appreciating the greater forces beyond our control. Miracles aren't some silly children's fantasy. They're a part of our lives, and can influence us in ways that we don't even notice.

Vintage Black