Lotus Mantra Snake Chain Necklace

Have you ever needed a reminder to become more centered and to focus your energy on what really matters around you? Owning this snake chain necklace can be the perfect way to do just that.

This necklace is designed in a fun and interesting way, with the text set in a circle. This makes you and anyone who you encounter have to take a little extra time to read the necklace and think about the message on it. It reminds you to be grateful for everything you have, to remember that you are intrinsically connected to the Earth, and to be happy knowing that you are blessed. The middle of the design has a drawing of a lotus flower, adding beauty and meaning.

  • Made by moms in New Jersey
  • Crafted in Surgical Steel and Shatterproof Glass
  • Comes with Gift Box
  • Necklaces adjustable 18"-22"
  • Pendant Measures 23.5mm diameter.