Transparent Good Vibes Only Leather Charm Bracelet

As your inner Pocahontas knows, everything in nature has a spirit. The energies around you shape how you perceive the world. When you interact with negative people or forces, your aura is affected by their destructive outlook. It’s time to start saying “no” to negative people and their negative vibes by first saying “yes” to this leather charm bracelet. 

Good vibes only is more than just your demand for positivity from the universe, it is a lifestyle. A good vibes only attitude creates joy in any situation and continually focuses on the bright side. Keep sending out those positive feelings into the world and treat yourself to some good vibes. After all, you deserve it. If you’re nice to karma, karma’s nice to you.

  • Woven Double-Braided Real-Leather Charm Bracelet
  • Made by moms in the U.S.A. of cowhide, stainless steel and shatterproof glass. 
  • S/M Bracelet size 36.5 cm. M/L Bracelet size 39.
  • Charm measures 18mm x 18mm. Bracelet is 3mm wide.
  • Includes gift box.